UpStart is a non-profit voluntary arts collective.

Upstart invites artists to submit proposals for artistic interventions and environmental park features that will raise the aesthetic profile of the city and advance community engagement and social awareness through collaboration and creativity. Through this call-out, Upstart propose to work with a team of artists to create a series of light, sound and visual shows, which examine the evolving urban space and contribute to the building of community history and identity in an entirely new district.

Artistic Interventions Submissions Performances & Educational Activities Submissions

Dominick Street

The site for the temporary park is on Dominick Street in Dublin 1. Originally a Georgian street, Dominick Street was constructed in the 1750s by the Dominick family. Once a fashionable place to reside, over time the street fell into decline and Dublin City Council constructed the Dominick Street Local Authority flat complex in the mid 1960s to replace the tenement buildings that existed. This site is located on the north side of Dominick Street and extends from Dominick Place to the west to Parnell Street to the east. The site is less than 300m north of Henry Street and directly opposite the Parnell Street entrance to the Ilac centre. The immediate area is currently in a variety of uses including both light industrial, commercial and residential. The site originally comprised eight blocks of five storey Local Authority flats, containing 198 units, some of which have now been demolished and cleared from the site. Plans to develop the site into social housing units were disrupted by the recession in 2008, but are still being developed by Dublin City Council.

a) Dominick Street Local Authority flat complex before the units in the upper red area were demolished
b) Upstart Granby Park site in blue


Dublin’s urban landscape has changed dramatically over the past five years, activating a newfound city life. The pause in construction has revealed new layers of possibility and vacant sites in themselves pose an invitation to engage with change. Disused sites are calling out for love, imagination and community and we have reached a point where we must respond to this invitation with community dialogue, debate and alliance. Upstart’s Granby Park aims to create a platform for this new alliance by drawing in a constellation of figures, ideas and concerns. It will combine engaged transformative activities, gift economy strategies and group planning to challenge individuals and communities to bring what they can to a vacant site. By remaining open to innovation and unpredictability, Upstart aims to tap into the widest possible range of knowledge-fields, ways of sharing and methods of creation. Through collective, interdisciplinary ways of working, Upstart aims to explore ideas and thinking for the future structuring and purposing of vacant spaces.

Proposals – Artistic Interventions

Please send proposals with the following information to by 6pm July 26th 2013 in a single zipped folder not exceeding 8mb. Upstart will review the submission over the weekend and successful applicants will be informed by July 30th.

  • Title of project
  • A brief outline describing the project, the people involved, and where it will fit into the park’s remit
  • Time/duration (of installation and event)
  • Materials used (are they durable, safe, suitable for outdoors) and how it will be installed
  • Any images, files (must be under 8mb in total), and/or links

Submissions we will select: Upstart can only accept proposals which include the above-mentioned information. Due to time constraints, we are unable to request further information about proposals, so please ensure we have everything we need. At present, there is no funding to support these proposals, so preference will be given to projects which are self-sustaining, affordable, safe, green and amazing. Submissions that propose active engagement with the local community around Granby Park will also be favoured.

Proposals – Performances & Educational Activities

We love meeting with people to discuss and develop ideas, but due to time constraints, that won’t always be possible during the early planning stages. The earlier you submit your proposal and the more information you provide, the earlier we can revert to you and arrange to add it to our schedule of events (providing your proposal is suitable for Granby Park). Granby Park will curate afternoons of related events as well as stand-alone events, so we welcome all proposals, modest or grandiose, and hope to be a special location for as many as possible.

Please submit events for inclusion in Granby Park’s education and performance programmes (to take place 22 August- 22 September) no later than 26th July 2013. Please send proposals with as much of the following information as possible

  • A brief outline describing the event or events (will it be a once-off or a series), and the people involved.
  • Proposed or preferred date(s) and time(s) for your event(s).
  • Time/duration of event(s), as well as time/duration of set-up/preparation.
  • Technical or other requirements for your event(s).
  • Any images, files (must be under 8mb in total), and/or links.
  • Upstart would like to cover reasonable personal expenses for contributors to the Events Programme.
  • Please estimate your anticipated expenses for travel/transport, etc.

Stuff we will select: Upstart will give preference to proposals, which include all of the above-mentioned information. At present, we have no funding to support these proposals, so preference will be given to projects, which are self-sustaining, affordable, safe, green and amazing. Should funding become available, we may be able to offer some support to realise particularly special proposals.


The park will run from 22nd August – 22nd September 2013. Installation will take place from 12th- 20th August. Site visit for selected applicants will take place 5th August. Deconstruction/removal will take place two weeks after the park closes.


Materials used should be safe for public interaction, durable, preferably organic materials and suitable for outdoors.

Upstart: Promoting a Gift economy

A gift economy, gift culture or gift exchange is a mode of exchange where valuables are given without an explicit agreement for immediate or future rewards. Upstart is a non-profit collective that promotes arts and creative collaboration as tools for meaningful social change. Our mission is to highlight the importance of creativity and ingenuity when society is in need of direction and solutions, and to emphasise the value of arts to public life. Granby Park is an experimental project which aims to operate on gift economy values, and Upstart hope to attract creative people who have an affinity with these values to realise this incredible project.


The audience for the park will consist of the following: Local community / residents of Dominick Street, Dorset Street, Parnell Street; the general public – specific interest/passersby; Future creative park/garden creators; Local authority; Local business owners/users; School tours; Professional property developers;  Older/younger generations;  Local 48% of residents who are from abroad;  Tourists; Upstart

Spaces for interventions

The site design consists of 29 spaces for artistic interventions which are marked on the map below.


Palisade Corner

Entrance Gate

Palisade Wall 1

Palisade Wall 2

Welcome 1

Welcome 2

Bike locking area

Info/Welcome Desk

Community Gallery

Covered Gallery

Woodland Walk 1

Woodland Walk 2

Woodland Walk 3

Woodland Walk 4

Woodland Walk 5

Woodland Walk 6

Education Area 1

Education Area 2

Education Area 3

Education Area 4

Education Area 5

Education Area 6

Herb Walk 1

Herb Walk 2

Herb Walk 3

Exit Gate

Behind Theatre 1

Behind Theatre 2