Starting your own business can be extremely beneficial. Ireland is one of the best countries to start a business in the grants and incentives are extremely good in Ireland. 

If for example, you are on the social welfare for more than 12 months, you may apply to the BTWEA Scheme, which basically means you keep your dole for 2 years, your 

full dole in years one and half your dole in year two. Estate Agents Clondalkin

You can also get approx 48,000 income tax free for 2 years if you are a sole trader. Other little grants for equipment, marketing supplies, are very easy to get and add up to a few thousand euro.

Ireland really is a two-tier system the self-employed have the ability to earn as much as they want if they work hard. Clocking in and out as a paye employee has its income limits and for a lot of people

it's no way of life. The biggest benefits I have gotten from being a serial entrepreneur is seeing my children grow up from babys to toddlers, plus I tryed so many business ideas I now own a business that

is working very well and generated close to 300,000 euro last year and I have plans to grow bigger much bigger!!  Property in dublin 24  estate agents tallaght

We hope to make this site into a great resource for people starting up with tips and tricks on getting ahead and winning new business. It will be totally free. 

I am going to add some links now Estate Agents  and also Leaflet Distribution two super sites.